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The Postgraduate Maritime Conversion Program

Ethiopian universities graduate several thousand mechanical and electrical engineers each year. EMTI provides an elite post-graduate program at Bahir Dar University (BDU) for all mechanical and electrical engineering graduates who have completed a rigorous five-year academic program at an accredited Ethiopian university.

Engineering graduates are eager to establish careers with international companies and earn international wages. Therefore, EMTI offers young, professionally trained Ethiopians an extremely desirable opportunity to become marine officers. A marine officer is viewed as prestigious and elite throughout Ethiopia, therefore the Maritime Academy has an abundant supply of prospective Cadets to recruit for its Maritime Academy. EMTI carefully screens applicants to select the most capable and disciplined Cadets for its maritime training program.

The selective application process involves various stages including: review of prior academic performance, screening exams, medical fitness tests and personal interviews, . For the OICEW (Officer In-Charge of an Engineering Watch) Course, the screening exams cover English, math, physics, chemistry and thermodynamics that had been done as part of graduate studies. For the ETO (Electro Technical Officer) Course, the screening exams cover English, electricity, electronics and automation that had been done as part of graduate studies. Upon being admitted to EMTI, the selected mechanical and electrical engineering Cadets undergo 6 to 8 rigorous months of academic education, hands-on workshop training with modern equipment, survival training, discipline training, leadership training and career mentorship.

EMTI's professionally trained faculty and instructors, from various nationalities, are experienced Captains, Chief Engineers ,Senior Electro Technical Officers and Artisans with long-standing practical experience in the global maritime industry. Expectations of strong academic and discipline performance standards are closely monitored and strictly enforced to ensure that all graduates meet the Maritime Academy's high criteria.

  • Cadet Selection Criteria (Postgraduate Program)

    • Qualifying undergraduate GPA score.

    • Complete an EMTI Entrance Examination.

    • Interview with the EMTI Selection Committee.

    • Complete Legal Registration documents.

    • EMTI administered medical examination required for acceptance.

    Selection will be determined based on the results of the above listed criteria, as well as the applicant's career motivation, interest in working internationally and their recommendations.

  • Curriculum and Training (Postgraduate Program)

    • Cadets shall attend courses at Bahir Dar University.

    • Depending on the programme followed Cadets will complete approximately 1,200 to 1,500 hours of Marine Engineering curriculum and training at Bahir Dar over a 6-8 month period, including theory courses, practical training in workshops and laboratories, simulator training, and basic and advanced STCW training (including fire-fighting, personal safety and social responsibility, proficiency and survival at sea, medical and first aid).

    • EMTI is a highly regimented Maritime Academy that emphasizes discipline, fitness and academic performance, as is expected onboard an international commercial ship.

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