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In accordance with IMO Regulation III/1 - OOEW (Officer in charge Of an Engineering Watch), a Cadet must fulfill the following requirements prior to becoming a Junior Officer and receiving his license:

Once the above requirements are met, the Cadet will be eligible to return to EMTI to attend the Junior Officers Exam (JOE) refresher course. The Maritime Academy has established a 4-week program that supports the Cadets in their preparation for becoming an OOEW.

The first portion of the refresher course is an intensive 3-week study session which includes lectures, classes, simulator training, self-study, exams and revision of all the tasks and assignments the Cadet completed during his sailing period. During the 3-weeek period the Cadets will under-go preparatory oral exams to simulate the final exam. The refresher course is conducted under the continuous guidance of the Maritime Academy’s senior Chief Engineer instructors.

Upon completion of the refresher course, the Cadet will take two exams, which consist of a “Time Limited” final Engine Room simulator exam and a 4 to 5 hour oral exam conducted by an examiner panel. The panel of examiners will consist of Senior Chief Engineers. The examination will consist of all marine engine subjects related to the duties of OOEW. During the exam the Cadet shall demonstrate a superior level of knowledge, confidence, trouble-shooting ability and good technical aptitude.

A Cadet that successfully passes the exam will be entitled to receive his OOEW license (IMO Regulation III/1) and will be eligible to sail as a Junior Officer.

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