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Officer In-Charge Of an Engineering Watch (OICEW) Course

The following provides a general summary of the curriculum for the Maritime Academy's OOEW Course.

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  • Function 1: Marine Engineering at the Operational Level

    • Competence 1: Use Appropriate tools for Fabrication and Repair Operations Typically Performed on Ships

    • Competence 2: Use Hand Tools and Measuring Equipment for Dismantling, Maintenance, Repair and Re-Assembly of Shipboard Plant and Equipment

    • Competence 3: Use of Hand Tools, Electrical and Electronic Measuring and Test Equipment for Fault Finding, Maintenance and Repair

    • Competence 4: Maintain a Safe Engineering Watch

    • Competence 5: Use of English in Written and Oral Form

    • Competence 6: Operate Main & Auxiliary Machinery & Associated Control Systems

    • Competence 7: Operate Pumping Systems and Associated Control Systems

  • Function 2: Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering at the
       Operational Level

    • Competence 1: Electrical, Electronic and Control Engineering

  • Function 3: Maintenance & Repair at the Operational Level

    • Competence 1: Maintenance & Repair at the Operational Level

  • Function 4: Controlling the Operation of the Ship and Care for
       Persons on Board at the Operational Level

    • Competence 1: Ensure Compliance with Pollution-Prevention Requirements

    • Competence 2: Maintain the Seaworthiness of the Ship

    • Competence 3: Prevent, Control and Fight Fires on Board

    • Competence 4: Operate Life-Saving Appliances

    • Competence 5: Applying Medical First Aid Onboard Ship

    • Competence 6: Monitor Compliance with Legislative Requirements

  • IMO Mandated Course Section

    • Use English in written & oral form

    • Application of leadership & team working skills

    • Ensure compliance with pollution prevention requirements

    • Prevent, control & fight fire on board

    • Personal safety and social responsibility

    • Proficiency and survival at sea

    • Medical and first aid

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