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Global shortage of Engineers

The new building orders from previous years have dramatically impacted the demand for international crew. Countries traditionally supplying shipping manpower have reached their capacity to provide qualified officers, while other countries are declining as a supply sources. Increasingly, highly qualified marine professionals are enticed to attractive shore-side employment opportunities. This scenario particularly applies to Marine Engineers and Electro Technical Officers. In this market environment, all ship managers are seeking alternative sources of highly qualified and reliable crew to operate and oversee the sophisticated equipment onboard their vessels.

According to the International Shipping Federation (ISF) Interim Manpower Survey results, 50% of ship-owners stated that there was a serious shortage of officers; 37.5% of ship-owners stated they believed there was a moderate shortage; and the remaining 12.5% believe that supply more or less equaled demand.

Shipping Industry

(Reference: Chart –“87.5% of International Shipping Companies Reported an Officer Shortage”, ISFInterim Manpower Survey 2009)

The vast majority of surveyed shipowners reported major difficulties in recruiting Second Engineers (87.5%) and Chief Engineers (71%).

Shipping Industry

(Reference: Chart –“If there is a shortage of officers, in which particular grades are there shortages amongst your national seafarer population?”, ISF Interim Manpower Survey 2009)

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