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Founded in 2011, the EMA Ethiopian Manning Agency GmbH (EMA) is a privately owned German company that facilitates employment of Ethiopian Marine Engineers, through its collaboration with EMTI, with world renowned shipping companies to satisfy the growing demand of the international merchant fleet. EMA offices are located in Hamburg (Germany) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

EMA serves as the connecting link between the seafarers and the ship managers. Independent from individual managers or owners, it delivers excellent service to a variety of shipping operations of various type and scale, may it be a large shipowner or a small shipmanager.

Many of EMA's clients seek to retain and invest in high-performing officers for the duration of their career. The services provided by EMA ensure high retention rates of seafarers so that its clients maintain a stable, reliable workforce with company-specific experience. This service model ensures the seafarer will absorb the specific procedures and principles of his employer, and the client can follow his crewmember for the entirety of his career.

Please visit www.emacrew.com for additional details.

Or contact the manning agency EMA Marine:
Email: info@emacrew.com
Phone: +49 40 360 935 913
Neuer Wallen 10 20354
Hamburg, Germany

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