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Services and Items Provided by the Maritime Academy

The Ethiopian Maritime Training Institute (EMTI) brings together some of the most highly capable Ethiopian engineering graduates for a 6-month training program. Our goal is to provide Cadets with a harmonious learning environment where they have access to all the necessary tools for becoming world-class seafarers.

EMTI provides Cadets with a variety of complimentary services and items during their training at the Maritime Academy. Upon their arrival, Cadets are provided with working uniforms, shoes, textbooks and beddings. Cadets are housed in newly renovated dorms and assigned a maximum of 3 roommates. The dorm rooms are furnished with beds, desks and cabinets for the storage of Cadets’ personal items. The Academy also provides daily meal services for Cadets including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cadets are also welcome to utilize their monthly stipend of approximately ETB 900 (USD 50) for necessary personal items.

All incoming Cadets are responsible for their individual campus sports shoes, personal hygiene products and bathing suits.

EMTI’s Strict On-Campus Policy

All Cadets must live on campus at Bahir Dar University (BDU) for the duration of the training course. EMTI’s Administration has a strict on-campus policy which requires that Cadets remain on campus grounds at all times. In the case of exceptional circumstances, the Maritime Academy’s Administration, at their discretion, may authorize special permission for “shore leave” whereby Cadets are granted a temporary leave of absence.

EMTI’s Faculty

In addition to EMTI’s Commandant and Administration, all Cadets will receive course instruction and training from an experienced and professional group of instructors. The Maritime Academy’s faculty not only guides Cadets through a rigorous curriculum, but they also mentor Cadets on maritime industry norms and code of conduct. EMTI’s Administration strives to produce future seafarers whom possess not only the necessary technical knowledge to operate vessels but also the requisite confidence and sense of personal responsibility. Cadets will also benefit from an experienced group of Wardens who are dedicated to guiding future seafarers on any challenges they may face. The Maritime Academy’s Warden Staff consists of local Ethiopians who are able to address Cadets’ concerns.

EMTI’s Academic and Career Timeline

Engine Officer’s Academic & Career Timeline

Engine Officer

Electro Technical Officer’s Academic & Career Timeline

Electro Thecnical Officer

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) What are the requirements for prospective Cadets?

a) EMTI accepts applicants with university degrees in mechanical or electrical engineering.
b) Applicants must be “free and clear” from all training or work commitments with any private employer or government organization including Ethiopian Airlines, Universities and/or Defense related industries and institutions.

2) Who should a Cadet contact regarding personal issues?

Cadets are encouraged to report their concerns and any personal issues to the Maritime Academy’s designated Wardens. The Wardens are available on campus and will assist the Cadets with resolving such matters.

3) Who is in command of the Maritime Academy?

The Maritime Academy is led by a Commandant with extensive naval and professional experience. He is responsible for managing the Academy’s affairs including the curriculum, staff, facilities, and Cadets.

4) Where can Cadets study on campus?

Cadets have access to numerous classrooms as well as state-of-the-art workshops, labs, a library, computer room and simulator room. The Maritime Academy’s campus dormitories also serve as a quiet study space.

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