Invitation to Enrol:

Post-Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering at the Operational Level:

Electro-Technical Officer


Choose a career in ships at sea!

Invitation to all Ethiopian male qualified electrical engineers. Apply your academic skills and knowledge in an exciting and financially rewarding job in the international maritime industry.

The Ethiopian Maritime Academy [EMTI] in Bahir Dar is enrolling for Post-Graduate Diploma in Marine Engineering: Electro-Technical Officer.

Work in highly technological, stimulating and demanding environment.

Earn generous salary and benefits.

Benefit from a stable long term employment with steady promotion.

Develop a marketable and transferable professional skill set with ongoing professional development.

Develop international experience and travel to major destinations around the world.


The program duration is 6 months. It will take place at the Maritime Academy campus at Bahir Dar University. Cadets will have the same living conditions as students at the university. The curriculum includes over 950 hours of intensive maritime training, discipline, leadership skills for officers,
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responsibility, multi-tasking skills, basic and advanced training in firefighting, sea survival and first aid. The Academy is a faculty of the Bahir Dar University and the post-graduate programme an elite aspect of the University prospectus.

The learning outcomes of the course are as specified in the Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping Code of 1978 as amended, Section A-III/6.

To be eligible, you need a proven BSc Electrical Engineering degree; you must be younger than 27 years of age at the time of enrolment; have a good command of both verbal and written English; be medically fit to serve at sea according to ILO/IMO guidelines; and be willing to sign a waiver of medical confidentiality.

Apply using the application form on the website www.emticorp.com and to read more about the course and the requirements. Screening will be a written examination, an interview and medical examination. Details of the screening process will be given on application and is available on the website. Applications close 15 June 2015 in order to start the screening process.



May 4th, 2015

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