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Dear applicant,

Before commencing the online applying procedure, please take 20 minutes and read carefully the following documents:

Candidate check list for Enrollment English – v7

EMTI enrollment check list Amharic v-7

Please make sure you fully understand the requirements and screening criteria through the entire process, and that you are certain you will be able to meet them.

We ask you to read carefully these documents before starting the applying process.



– ME 16 Programme applications are closed.



– ETO 16 (ET 16 Programme)
We would like to emphasize that as part of the screening exams to join one of our programs, you will be asked to sign health confidential release authorization, and to undergo seafarer medical exams in a hospital by certified practitioners by EMAA – Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority. The medical exams are performed in an independent manner according to strict international convention guidelines, to determine who is fit to serve as a seafarer, and who is not.
If you are aware of any disease or malfunctioning you are diagnosed with today, we advise you consult your practitioner before applying to our program to prevent future discomfort.
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