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RECRUITS for Electro-Technical Programmes INVITED to do LEGAL REGISTRATION

Attached are the lists of those applicants who have been successful in the interviews and have been selected for the Electro-Technical Programmes.  Download the lists as well as the Checklist for Enrolment.


You are hereby called to submit your documents to the Office in Addis Ababa before 3 November 2016.


Please look under the heading Candidate Checklist for Enrolment and then the link “Legal Registration Documents” and concentrate on “Stage 2” in the document for the type of information you are required to submit.
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Attention recruits selected for the Marine Mechanical Engineering | Batch 14 [Course EO17B]

Attention all recruits selected for the marine mechanical engineering Batch 14 [Course EO17B] – January 2017

Preparatory Studies

You are encouraged to study the fundamentals of electricity in depth.  Electricity is a large and important module of the course and you are to be thoroughly prepared in order to make a success of the course.  You have three and a half months to prepare for this. Subject are:

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Recruits Accepted for the next two programmes in Marine Mechanical Engineering

Attached are the lists of those recruits who have been accepted for the next two programmes in Marine Mechanical Engineering [Officer-in-Charge of an Engineering Watch].


  • Basic Training for EO17A– starts on 24 October 2016.  See call-up instructions below.
  • Basic Training for EO17B– starts on 23 January 2017.  Instructions will be sent out.

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Attached are the lists and interview schedule of ETO applicants, for the Electro Technical Officer Programme ETO 13 (EO17A) and following programmes, BEING SELECTED AND INVITED for interviews based on the results of the written screening examinations taken by applicants in Addis Ababa and Bahir on 17 September 2016 :

Interview Venues and Dates:

Bahir Dar:       1 and 2 October 2016 (EMTI Peda Campus,University of Bahir Dar)
Addis Ababa: 8  to 12 October 2016  (Tracon Towers Building)
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Due to uncontrolled circumstances the start date of the ME 13 (EO17 A) OICEW programme has unfortunately had to be POSTPONED from the original scheduled start date of Monday 19 September 2016 TO Monday  24 October 2016.


All members that have already successfully completed the Legal Registration process (you have signed the required documentation in Addis Ababa) will be contacted during the coming week via your contact details. You are requested not to report for the programme during the weekend of 17/18 September.
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Update – Written screening examinations for the ETO 13 (ET17A) Programme

The written screening examinations for the ETO13 (ET17A) programme will be conducted in Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar on 17 September 2016 for those candidates whose applications were successful as was promulgated on this website and the Facebook page on 30 August 2016.



Addis Ababa – Addis Ababa University Business and Economics College

Bahir Dar – EMTI Peda Campus at the Bahir Dar University

Time: Registration at both venues will commence at  04:30 (10:30 East Africa Time (EAT))


Instructions to Candidates:

  1. Verify your attendance by contacting the contact numbers indicated in the post of 30 August 2016. The post also includes the lists of the  ETO 13 applicants invited to the screening examinations in  Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar. Use the reference number indicated in the first column of the lists, marked Reg No, as reference to identify your application.
  2. Ensure you bring your ID that you utilised for your online registration.
  3. Ensure you bring a pen to write the screening examination.
  4. The use of mobile phones and calculators ARE NOT PERMITTEDwhilst conducting the screening examination.




Applicants Invited the Screening Examinations | ETO 13 (ET17A)

Attached are the lists of those applicants applying  for the  Electro Technical Officer, ETO 13 (ET17A), programme that have met the application criteria and ARE HEREBY INVITED to conduct the written screening examinations in  Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar on Saturday 17 September 2016.

The  individual Registration  Numbers to be used as reference by applicants are indicated in red in the first column of the respective lists (numbers 1 – 486 for applicants that indicated they want to write in Addis Ababa and numbers  800 – 1024 for candidates that indicated they want to write in Bahir Dar):

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The Log Book – Aug 2016


Successful Mechanical Engineering candidates

Attached is the list of the successful Mechanical Engineering candidates interviewed for the Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch (OICEW) Programme ME 13 (EO17A),and subsequent OICEW programmes,  in Addis Ababa (1 to 6 Aug 2016) and Bahir Dar (9 and 10 Aug 2016). The list is serialised in the order of the Reference Numbers issued to candidates and NOT in any order of priority or interview result obtained.

Candidates indicated can proceed with collecting the documents required for submission as indicated in the form (Legal Registration Checklist) handed to them during their interviews.

Once all the requirements as required in the checklist are met, or regarding any enquires, candidates are requested to contact any of the contact details below in order for the next step in the process to be finalised.
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Batch 13 Mechanical Engineering Applicants

Dear Batch 13 Mechanical Engineering Applicants,

The screening exam for Batch 13 for the Mechanical Officer is going to take place in the upcoming Saturday, 23 July 2016 in the two following sites:


  • Bahir Dar – Maritime Academy Office at Bahir Dar University:
    Peda Campus, building #B155, Office of Maritime Academy.


  • Addis ababa – Addis Ababa University, in the College of Business and Economics, in the New Library Building.


Please follow the signs from the gate.

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